Many people may not know what native advertising is?

This is another type of online advertising, which we shall cover in this blog. Advertising has always been an essential piece of marketing. The use of advertisements has also gained rapid growth over the years.

Each time you view a website, you are certain to find advertisements. Although it is true that you will find advertisements more on business sites, however, there are several non-business sites that integrate ads as well. 

effective native advertising

The original ad can be defined as a type of paid advertisement where advertising experiences a natural form and function of the user in which it is kept. 

Such ads are usually displayed in the form of a text or video created and posted by the advertisers with the purpose of promoting their products and services. 

This is especially the case if you own particular business. The process of digital native advertising is basically using the paid advertisements that can match the entire functionality and look and feel of the particular media format where these ads are going to appear. Let first we know the definition of Native Advertising.

“Native advertising is a method of paid advertising which needs to match the whole functionality and feel the specific platform on which ads appears.”

After this, we take a look at some other native advertising factors.

Why Native Advertising is Chosen by Marketers?

Quite often, you will see native advertisements network on social media feeds, in addition to being displayed on web pages of a particular site. 

Unlike the other options such as banner ads and display ads, the native ads do not have any resemblance to advertisements. 

They basically have the look and feel of a particular editorial of any page. One of the key elements in native advertising is its non-disruptive layout. In other words, the advertising content of the brand will basically be exposed to the reader but in a very decent yet effective way.

Marketers have a quintessential use of such native content advertising on websites in order to promote products and services and hence, grow their business. 

One of the many possible reasons why people use native marketing so much is because it really works most of the times. Even the statistics prove it that consumers that look at the ads have 53% of them looking at best native ads than the banner or display ads.

Effective For Marketers

Due to the ability to fulfill the needs of both sides, the native advertisement has gained rapid popularity among both publishers and advertisers.

Another thing to notice is that native ads have the ability to increase the purchase intent by 18%. Also, the original editorials and the native ads have almost the same visual engagement or there might be a chance that the visual engagement of the native content ads is higher than the editorials. 

Another one of the possible reasons why digital native advertising is so popular amongst the people is that it helps in fighting ad fatigue. We all know that ad fatigue is a very common thing that happens on the Internet.

Haven’t you ever felt like you just cannot look at another ad? 

Well, that is exactly what ad fatigue is. It so happens that we often not pay attention to the ads that pop up on our screen. Such a problem will not exist in native advertising.

Since they are just the brand exposure that is enclosed in the editorial content, these native ads never get boring for the audience. 

All you need to do is make sure that the content provided is interesting and relevant. Customers prefer native ads platforms even after knowing that it is a particular form of ad that is being used. 

There is no fooling associated with native advertising and everything is out in the open. The customers are always aware of the fact that they are viewing ads when they take a look at best native advertisements. Even after that, there are impressive results on the purchase behavior of the people.

The native advertising network is very broad, so it provides many different types of native advertising platforms. Some are as follows-

Types of Native Advertising

There are different types of native advertising which we shall learn about in the following section.

1. In-Feed Native Ads

This type of native advertising is used for promoting sponsored content within the natural environment of the publications. These ads are also marked as sponsored content.

2. Search and Promoted Listings

Search and promoted listings ads will look identical to the organic search engine results. Promoted listing native ads are generally used in E-Commerce where they look identical to other products on the site.

3. Content Recommendation Widgets

You must have seen different websites that showcase a section ‘Recommended for you’ or ‘You may also like’. These sections are actually content recommendation widgets.

4. Custom Content Units

This type of native advertising does not follow a specific format but they adjust based upon the content of a site.

Use of Native Advertising

There are some of the common ways people tend to use natïve advertisements on websites a lot. 

Even more than the standard banners that pop up every single time you open a particular website, it is seen that people are more interested in looking at the native ads that are placed. 

Results show that 25% more people tend to watch native ads than others. One of the best things about native ads is that they resemble the editorials and hence have got a following that is pretty much similar to the editorials as well. 

In fact, customer engagement is quite higher in case of online native advertisements.

Native advertising examples are identical to the organic search engine results.

Examples of Native Ads

There are many native advertising examples. Some are:-

  • Infographic: Change (Supply) Chain Survey in UPS (2014), Fast Growing Company

This is an excellent example of native advertising. It is not the smallest infographic yet, but it completes the work.

supply chain survey 2014
  • Spotify matches your music stranger with character

On its recent release, Spotify was quick to capitalize on the show’s characters, based on their listening habits from users of their platforms. Even the guests of the forum can choose five jams to submit their results.

Amazon prime starts a native ad on the tab that developed a quiz for students to see which series they should see next to. This is the best native example by which the attraction of students increases for watching the next series.

  • Award predictor operated by Microsoft AI

Microsoft presents an award predictor operated by Microsoft AI on the Hollywood Reporter. A good demonstration of what the product can do with the participation of the audience (you vote) and cultural relevance.

Working of Native Advertising

In comparison to display ads, 53% more look native ads. 

Best native ads create an 18% increase in purchase intent, and the visual engagement with native ads is the same, and even slightly higher than the original editorial content.

Now it seems that the mobile native advertising plays a heavy role. Because of mobile drives collect more traffic across the world.

Native Advertising Fights ad Fatigue

Ad fatigue is what happens when the audience gets bored with seeing ads. After a while, they simply stop paying attention. 

Native ads editorial content has brand exposure, so they do not get tired of viewers. As long as the content is relevant and interesting, the native advertisement attracts the audience.


Consumers know that native ads are a form of advertising, but they don’t care! 

In a recent study at Stanford University, researchers found that native advertising does not fool anybody. Consumers know well that they are seeing a form of advertising, however, native advertisements still have a significant impact on purchase behavior. 

They look at native ads 53% more than display ads. Native ads generate an 18% increase in purchase intent and the obvious engagement with native ads is the same, and even slightly higher than the original editorial content.

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