Paid Internet advertising is, by far, the most outreached medium of present-day advertising for any business. It has always been an integral part of marketing and is completely unavoidable. Using online advertising can help drive significant traffic to a website, generate leads, help reach out to relevant target audiences and increase brand awareness. Paid advertising is a great way to get more traffic to your website and grow your business.

However, advertising doesn’t come for free and people don’t want to pay large sums of money to get their brand reached to the audience. So before you jump into paid internet advertising, you need to know that internet advertising is performing as you want? Therefore, concerning this situation, through this blog, you will be guided with what you must do before starting paid Internet advertising.

Get You Started With Paid Internet Advertising

Since you are investing money on paid Internet advertising, you will also want to make sure that you are getting the best out of it and that the advertising is performing well. Investing a major part of the budget into something that you may not understand very well may not provide you with the expected traffic and leads. And become expensive without any effective results and you may also not be totally satisfied.

So, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the important things you must do before starting paid Internet advertising in order to create your brand awareness, make conversions and grow your business.

Know the use of “Right” keywords

Keywords play a significant role in search engine optimization (SEO) and are used in search queries to increase web traffic and ranking on popular search engines. The correct use of keywords can really get you to the top of achieving your business objectives effectively. So, before starting anything, having a fair idea of right keywords can help you work your way up into paid online advertising. Right selection of keywords in a website’s content, tags, descriptions, links and other relevant places, this makes it easier for well-known search engines. To get top of the list of Search engines, keyword help to determine that the web page is the most relevant answer to the user’s search queries.

keyword illustration

To make things even simpler, you can use popular advertising tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google AdWords to help keep you on the right track. The keyword tool will allow you to search for words or phrases (aka keywords) that are related to your products or services. Google Ads Keyword Planner tool can be of great help in this regard, as it can provide the right keywords in accordance with the type of your industry. However, remember to make the correct choice. The aim should be keywords that your audience uses when they search online. The use of ‘long tail’ keywords is generally more effective than ‘head’ keywords because such keywords tend to be more specific when added together with phrases and also make up the majority of the search-driven traffic.

Finding the right source for brand advertising

At first, it may be quite a big challenge for you to actually find the best place or online medium where you can purchase ads in order to promote your business brand over a wider scope. Every online advertising medium you come across is sure to have its pros and cons. So, getting familiar with the different types of paid online advertising can help you make better decisions.

There are several types of online ads, all of which fulfil their purpose in a unique manner.

1. Banner Ads (aka Display Ads)

Banner ads are among the most popular type of online advertising. You will often see banners on hundreds and thousands of websites that display graphical advertisements for brands, products or services. These are placed either at the top page, sidebar or at the bottom page of websites. A creative graphical representation of banner ads is used to focus on new customers in the initial phase of marketing.

2. Text Ads

Text ads are another type of online advertising and less expensive compared to display ads. These type of ads are displayed on the top of the search engine results page and can be effective to target customers looking for something specific on the search engine.

Paid internet advertising can also be purchased on other channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, BuySellAds, Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You can also run ads on websites and blogs which belong to other publishers and that are related to your products or services.

Always keep track of internet advertising

Simply purchasing ads does not really complete your journey. There are, however, certain things which are important and should not be ignored. There are two things to remember when it comes to online advertising – 

Tracking and analysing your ad performance help you to get more out of it, So if you are not able to see how your ads are performing, then buying paid advertising could be just a waste of money.

In online advertising, you get the opportunity to track everything. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to track performance. It provides all the information with the number of clicks on the ad, the number of people who visited the website, how long they stayed there and the number of converted leads among other things, all in a single dashboard. 

So, before getting into online ads, ensure that you have the tracking tool ready before you. Once you started using it, you will become very familiar with it.

These options allow you to create a customized URL for each ad that will help you to monitor all ads. You will be able to compare all your advertising campaigns on a single dashboard by using Google Analytics.

Build a landing page 

In online marketing, a landing page is a stand-alone web page, enables you to customize the message to new readers. It is a page where a visitor lands when they click on your ads. It’s really important to send readers to an Optimised Landing Page instead of the Home page. A customized landing page makes tracking visits easier, it pushes visitors to become potential buyers.

Have a Call-To-Action button on the landing page

A clear call-to-action (CTA) button should also be present on the landing page – be it in the form of making the call, filling a form, downloading a free e-book or brochure, or to directly buy a product. A good call-to-action (CTA) will tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. Your landing page should include everything that pushes your viewer to take action. 

a/b testing illustration

A/B Testing 

A/B testing (bucket tests or split-run testing) is being scientific about testing which methods work best. It is a randomized experiment with two variants, A and B. It includes applications of hypothesis testing or a ‘two-sample’ hypothesis testing as used in the field of statistics. When you are using  A/B testing, only one test is enough to know whether it’s working or not for you. 

For example, you can test the effectiveness of your page’s headline or button placement, but you can’t test both at the same time. A/B testing is an everlasting, too, so don’t quit. Test and modify your page again and again. It may help in your overall conversion rate.

Do You know your target audience??

You spend hours and hours writing a great piece of content just with little hope that it will drive some new readers to reach your site and maybe they become your customer. 

But for some reason, only a few seem to be interested.

Ever wondered why?? What’s the problem? 

Problem is the connection between audience and content writer. Maybe it was not, what they are looking for??

So one of the most important factors of internet marketing is to connect your audience. Reactions of the audience are directly related to your business and help you understand their needs and requirements.

By understanding your target audience, you will be able to know what type of services they like??

what type of content do they read?

Knowing your target customer is important to factor to focus on before jumping to paid internet marketing.

Benefits of Internet Advertising

Internet marketing is popular nowadays because of its several advantages over traditional marketing

Let’s check out the list below to know the benefits of internet marketing:-

  • Offers wide visibility and coverage
  • It is more effective
  • Delivers rapid results
  • Used in segmenting
  • Has different formats
  • Used in measuring
  • It establishes a two-way communication
  • Creates loyalty
  • Saves time
  • Gives desired results 
  • Helps to increase visibility
  • Offers 24/7 marketing
  • Helps to maintain better customer relationship
  • Easy to handle
  • It helps in increasing brand value
  • It is more convenient than traditional methods
  • Global marketing
  • Ability to handle millions of customers simultaneously


Last but not least paid advertising is not magic where results can be achieved instantly. It includes

monitoring, maintenance, testing and tweaking, and different marketing strategy to perform better. To analyze the performance of your ads maintains a scheduled report after every 15 days.

Make sure that there is enough budget to support the ad campaign, even if it is a long-term one.

Proper knowledge and the right strategy of online ads actually bring valuable traffic to your site and even help convert them into leads. Always focus on long-term ways to boost your website like consistently provide valuable content, always update your website, offer great services and make sure that your audience is able to find your content through SEO.

I hope after reading this blog you have an idea about what things you need to know before jumping into the online advertisement.

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