Nowadays marketing Strategy has become more popular than ever before and the sponsored content campaign is one of them. It’s actually a way to reach out to people.

Search engines like Google and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are tweaking their algorithms to ensure brands do not get as much organic visibility this way. Sponsored content is all around us. Even now Sponsored content is booming on social media like Instagram…

When a brand hires someone to write a blog post or article in a magazine (to be paid for by the brand), it is also producing sponsored content.

Sponsored content looks like its natural part of the webpage.

Content should be entertaining or useful and engaging. Sponsored content is a powerful way to reach and build a lasting relationship with professionals and businesses of any industry. Make the most of your sponsored content campaigns with these tips for creating effective ads, using free tools, testing and optimizing.

Screenshot of a Sponsored Content Campaign

Here Are 12 Sponsored Content Campaign Tips To Keep You Ahead

It only makes sense that companies rely on educational and entertaining content to attract customers. Thus, you have to do more than just produce sponsored content. 

In this world of Digital Marketing, you need to know some tips to get the attention of your readers. Here’s How?

1. Have more than one advertisement in your campaign

In order to increase user experience, it is recommended that your sponsored content campaign contain more than one advertisement which is unique and set to be displayed at a pre-defined frequency. Having more than one ad on your page helps Google to find and display the best. You have to understand that sponsored content is part of your larger marketing strategy. This strategy guides the visitor or reader through its whole journey, which includes products, services, offers, awareness, the decision to purchase and the most important of all your business.

2. Stick to the standards

  • Keep your ad headlines that are under 150 characters. 
  • Compact headlines lead to more engagement. 
  • Write your description under 70 characters. Remember that anything over 100 characters could be cut on desktop. 
  • Use larger images in place of standard thumbnails. Larger visuals lead to getting up to 38% higher CTR (click-through rates). 
  • Add a clear CTA (call to action), so your audience is able to act accordingly. 
  • Be specific with what your ad is targeting, but not so specific that you limit your audience. 

3 Create the right sponsored content for the audience

Set up relevant and professional information sharing. It is important to provide something of value when you’re sharing content organically. This is even more important when you’re spending money to expand your reach. So, before you spend a penny on sponsoring posts, take an honest look at your content. Are you providing something of substance that is not a sales pitch? Think beyond your product or service to provide real value to your buyers. Providing context to recent industry development, answering a frequently asked question, or sharing a relatable story are all great ways to engage your target audience.

While longer posts can also perform well, in our experience, shorter pieces are more consumable for readers new to your brand and enable businesses to use the content as a first hook into a larger content marketing strategy. Find the sweet spot to make content valuable and always use visuals to boost engagement, including images in posts that can increase the comment rate by 98%. Better yet, include videos, which earns roughly three times the engagement of text posts.

4. Repurpose your content

  • Instead of sharing industry news first analyze it
  • Presenting insights and key takeaways will keep your content from feeling nonexclusive and help establish thought leadership in your field. 
  • Your plan should have content curation 
  • Share information that is engaging, relevant and interesting to your audience, Always credit your source. 
  • Re-read your own content. 
  • Look back to check your content, blog, website and social media channels in place of creating new content every time. 
  • Use rich media such as video, audio or other elements by incorporating YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare videos so your audience can engage natively. 
  • Involve human interesting stories that connect to your brand, and this will help your audience to establish an emotional connection. 

5. Target sponsored content campaign based on geography

You can target sponsored on the geographical location a member has included in their profile. When members fail to list a location, this targeting facet uses an IP address instead. This gives you the opportunity to tailor campaigns to the specific needs and priority issues of different markets, provided you still have the addressable audience size you need.

6. Try new tools

You can always try new tools to collect even more qualified leads to pulling users’ profile data like job title, company name and contact details. Reach people similar to your target audience. You can increase brand awareness, engagement and discover new audiences more easily. Expand your reach and engage your audience wherever they are online and active.

7. Track conversions and rate of interest (ROI)

Implement conversion tracking which can help you define conversion actions on your website, such as content downloads, sign-ups or purchases, and then track how sponsored content contributes to those conversions. You’ll be able to track how many times members converted after engaging with, or even just viewing, your ads. For robust tracking, tie your conversions to the Thank You pages that your site displays after visitors successfully complete an action.

8. Set a range for bids of your campaign

A set bid range gives you valuable insight on how to win auctions to display your sponsored content to your target audience. It is based on what other advertisers are bidding when targeting similar profiles. Bidding at the top of the suggested bid range or higher is the best way to maximize exposure to the audience you are interested in. Because advertising products are decided on a second-price auction, you will only have to pay the minimum amount needed to beat the second-placed bid. So, even if you bid at the high end of the range, you are likely to pay less.

9. Always keep testing

  • Use A/B tests to compare multiple ads and multiple versions of creative ads. You will see which one sounds better to your target audience. 
  • Test using A/B testing to maximize targeting.
  •  Create a campaign,  create a duplicate of it and change the targeting criteria slightly.
  • Try both campaigns to see which audiences are more receptive to your content. 
  • Always have 2-4 ads in each campaign. Campaigns with more ads usually attract more people in your target audience. 
  • After every 1-2 weeks, pause the ad with the lowest engagement and replace it with new ad creative. Over time, this will improve your ad relevance score that is based on indicators that your audience finds the ads interesting, such as clicks, comments, and shares, which will help you win more bids. 
  • You can use Direct Sponsored Content to test different ad creatives and targeting combinations.

10. Measure and optimize your sponsored content campaign

Keep a definition of how you can measure the success of your business. Use tools that have robust reporting capabilities. Use them wisely by identifying your key metrics. Optimize your webpage for smartphones. Make your landing pages an easy place to visit, move, and submit information from a mobile. Build your marketing strategy with the sponsored content campaign.

Screenshot of LinkedIn campaign manager showing performance reports

11. Check the responsiveness of your landing page

Almost everyone accesses social media by using their smartphones. This mean’s that they contact the landing pages which have your sponsored content directly on their phones.

So make sure that your website has a responsive landing page, easy to view and move on smartphones as well.

12. Build relationships with social influencers

As already discussed there are many ways of running sponsored content campaigns like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

These social sites are really different from traditional sites. So you need to adjust the marketing campaign according to them. 

For any reader or user who is scrolling his Instagram, your sponsored content should look like another video or picture on his feed. Try to build relationships with social influencers on these sites. It will definitely help you to reach out to your target audience


The sponsored content campaign helps you to reach out to new people and to gain their valuable trust. Understand the difference between traditional content marketing and online marketing. Don’t be fake, Make sure that sponsored content is not fooling your audience. Make relevant content to the target audience. Focus on your target audience so that you understand their needs, what they really like, what type of ads they really like and which platforms they are using.

If you want to run your sponsored content on the social platform, the best trick is to build relationships with social influencers on that platform.

Sponsored marketing is absolutely going to cost you some money so keep a reasonable budget. Keep analyzing your results so that you can adjust accordingly.

Apply these simple tricks and you will be able to reach out to the broad audience by online marketing and sponsored ads.

I hope this blog is helpful for you and you are going to use these tricks and tips!!!! 

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